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Kailua Kona,HI

Andrew & Juanita

Hi! We are the founders and head trainers at Wilson’s Companion Dog Training. We have always loved dogs, so when we moved in together and our landlord said we could get a dog, we didn’t hesitate to rescue a pup from the shelter. Having a dog changed our lives. Wilson came with so much love, great calm energy, and a handful of behavioral issues. We know exactly what it's like to have a dog pull on leash and be dog reactive. We spent most of 2020 training him, and fell in love with the art that is dog psychology. Wilson brought structure and routine into our lives. He has taught us the importance of living a well balanced and calm life. We strive to implement exercise, discipline, and love to every part of our lives. Outside of dog training, we enjoy staying active by playing sports, hiking, surfing, and camping along the beautiful central coast.

About Us

Morro Bay, CA


Hi! My name is Wilson, and I’m a 6 year old American pit bull terrier mix. I have been living my best second life after my mom and dad adopted me from the Napa Animal  Shelter. I taught my parents all about the psychology, behavior, and language of dogs. I have been a super happy camper the last year since my parents started training me and implementing the routine and structure that I crave. I am generally a very calm and low energy dog that enjoys napping and snacking. Don’t be fooled, though, I love running, walks, hikes, the beach, and joining my humans on all their crazy life adventures!


Grover Beach, CA


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Hi! My name is Maya, and I'm the newest member of the family. My parents think I am a 1.5 year old pit bull mix dog, but I'm really a hippo at heart who sounds like a pig! I have been living my best second life since my parents and my brother found me at SLO Animal Services. I know I'm 20 pounds heavier than my big brother and I'm scary looking, but I will lick your face and demand lots of pets, so watch out. I love lounging around, being with my pack, and copying everything my big bro does. Now that my parents have helped me become more confident, I also love jumping, riding in the car, and fully expect to tag along on all my family's crazy adventures.

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